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Mountain Spring Monastery is a place to quiet the mind, look deeply, and enjoy the wonders of life within and around us through the practices of sitting meditation, walking meditation, mindful eating, deep relaxation meditation, and sharing togetherness. We invite all who wish to cultivate peace and happiness in their lives to plan a visit for a Sunday of mindfulness or for an offsite retreat.


Mountain Spring Monastery was established by
Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh
to share the practice of mindful living.

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A Reflection by Brother Phap Hai - Nov 29, 2022

As I sit here this morning, our monastery is filled with joyful and mindful energy with our residential community growing to three monks and seven nuns. What a beautiful blossoming! It is hard to believe that just one year ago, the Mountain Spring residential sangha was very small, with one monk and three nuns. Slowly and surely, thanks to all of your ongoing love and support, Mountain Spring is blooming into a beautiful place of refuge. Thank you so much for all of your wholehearted and loving support of Mountain Spring which has enabled us to come this far. I am very excited about all of the upcoming offerings and developments this year.

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