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We welcome you to Visit this peaceful oasis.

At this stage of Mountain Spring’s development, we are trying to consolidate our public opening on Sundays or special events.  We will look forward to your presence.
In common with all Plum Village centres worldwide, Mountain Spring Monastery is closed on

Give Us The Gift of Your Presence

All in person days of mindfulness and events have limited capacity

Registration via Calendar of Events required for all events hosted by Mountain Spring Monastery

We will do our best to create opportunities for everyone to come.

Please check our Calendar of Events regularly for updated events.

Join our mailing list to be the first to be notified of any overnight retreats facilitated by the monastics (offsite).

2023 Retreats and Special Events hosted by MSM Save the Date!


Sun 28th  Opening Ceremony of Monastic

                 Three-Month Winter Retreat


Sun 27th  Closing Ceremony of Monastic

                 Three-Month Rains Retreat


Sat 16th   Wollongong Day of Mindfulness

Sun 24th   Rose Ceremony Celebration


Sat 14th   Daylong Retreat

27-30th    Mindfulness Retreat at Benedict 16 Grose Vale                  Registration in English:

                Registration in Vietnamese:


Sat 18th   Wollongong Day of Mindfulness


Sun 24th    Xmas Eve Day of Mindfulness

Thur 28th Dec 2023 - Tue 2nd Jan 2024

Holiday Retreat at St Josephs, Bringelly


Enjoy a Day of Peace and Practice – Sundays

Join the monastics of Mountain Spring for a relaxing and rejuvenating Day of  Mindfulness - a day in which we come back home to ourselves, relax, and cultivate the energy of mindfulness together as a community.

Each Sunday is different - typically we begin at 9:00am with a Meditation Class, followed by Walking Meditation, Dharma Talk or Precept Recitation, a vegetarian Mindful Lunch, and an Afternoon Activity (e.g. Total Relaxation & Touching the Earth, Dharma Discussion, Sitting Meditation, Tea Mediation, Chanting Class). The day concluding at approx. 3:30pm.

The 1st Sunday of the month we will recite the 5 Mindfulness Trainings, the 3rd Sunday of the Month we will recite the 14 Mindfulness Trainings.

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